Dogfriendly Neighbors: Marimekko on Newbury Street

Many of customers bring their dog to the store to pick out his/her own treats and toys and beds, and we of course love that.  I often wonder though if our customers know how dog friendly our neighborhood is.  You can actually bring your dog into most stores in Back Bay, and chances are, you’ll be offered a dog treat from one of our bottomless treat cans.  We started this subversively happy custom of supporting dog-friendliness years ago with Fetch, our store in Portland.  It’s not something I ever calculate the value of; who knows how it washes out, and I don’t really care about the quantitative plus or minus….I think of spreading dog treats around as spreading viral happiness, and that’s its own reward.

So I want to start telling you all about the businesses we know to be dog-friendly in and around Newbury Street.  Marimekko, at 140 Newbury Street (near Dartmouth, on the Copley side of the street) is a visual playground for color-happy adults.  Shop from the iconic striped tunics on the top floor, or browse the fabric and housewares showroom in the lower floor.  The entry showcases overstuffed beanbag chairs, pillows, and their current exhibit of fabric confectionary as imagined by their fabric designers in Helsinki.  Go, and bring Fido.  It’s as refreshing a break as you’ll get in downtown Boston, like a mental vacation to a land where everyone is happy and everything is saturated with color.  And the air conditioning doesn’t hurt either.  They are sure to welcome your dog with a free dog treat from our treat can (but don’t be shy if they don’t; just ask).  And cast your vote for your favorite of the fabric ‘cakes’….you’ll be in the running for a free $100 gift certificate!

Marimekko Fabric Cakes!

About Kathy Palmer

I grew up in NJ and Belgium and eventually settled in Portland, ME. Until missing the big city, which inspired a return to Boston in 2010, and the opening of Fish & Bone on Newbury Street. Fish & Bone and its original sibling store Fetch (est. 2000) bring together some of the things I love the most: animals, real food, great design, having an impact, the natural world, urban life, creative solutions, good community, and a good laugh. Zip is all pug, but I'm a cultural mutt.