Fashion Friday: Kayla Gets a New Dog Coat

Dachshunds are low riders, which means they need good chest and belly coverage with abrasion-resistance.  And of course, they are long and narrow, which poses challenges in the fitting room.  Kayla was in recently shopping for coats (well, she was actually shopping for treats and humored us on the coats), and provided a chance to see what we’ve got that fits her special geometry.

Her mum settled on this jacket, the Double Diamond from RC.  This coat miraculously fits almost all breeds really well.  Take a look at the fit on Kayla: full underbelly coverage, and it reaches almost to the base of her tail on top as well.  She has good clearance for potty breaks, and the the velcro was wide enough to adjust in the coat for a snug fit around her belly.  I also like the highly reflective piping, for safety…especially with little dogs with dark fur.  Watch for all of our apparel on our online store, which is rumored to launch next week.  Meantime, here are some pix of Kayla, girl on the town, sporting a fine mohawk as well as a spiffy new coat!Kayla the dachshund with mohawk, and new coat

Kayla shopping for treats

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