Sugar the Flying Cat Survives Fall from 19th Floor

Sugar-the-flying-cat-falls-from-19th-floorThis is Sugar.  Yesterday, in the unseasonably warm weather, a window was opened in her apartment on the 19th floor of her building.  Sugar fell out the window and was rescued and treated by by the great folks at Animal Rescue League of Boston, and today she’s home with her family, with only some bruised lungs and a good story to show for it.  She is available for speaking engagements and ‘flying squirrel method’ flight demonstrations, but as she’s now used up 8 of her 9 lives, she’s only allowed to jump from the couch to the floor.

About Kathy Palmer

I grew up in NJ and Belgium and eventually settled in Portland, ME. Until missing the big city, which inspired a return to Boston in 2010, and the opening of Fish & Bone on Newbury Street. Fish & Bone and its original sibling store Fetch (est. 2000) bring together some of the things I love the most: animals, real food, great design, having an impact, the natural world, urban life, creative solutions, good community, and a good laugh. Zip is all pug, but I'm a cultural mutt.