Tuesday Twofer: Save 20% on Orijen 6 Fish for Dogs

Sometimes (well ok, often) when we order supplies from a particular vendor (or two), they’ll send us 5 cases of something instead of 5 individual somethings.  Which would be fantastic if we didn’t have to pay for all the extra somethings.  Usually we catch it, but sometimes it doesn’t become apparent till it’s too late to send the extras back.

Orijen 6 Fish for DogsToday’s Tuesday Twofer is on Orijen 6 Fish for dogs in the 5# bag.  Orijen 6 Fish is the Michael Phelps of dog food.  Why?  Yes, fish swim, and Phelps swims, but that isn’t why.  It’s because Champion Pet Foods was not messing around in any aspect of conceiving its Orijen line, and they continue to enhance it.  Orijen just crushes the competition.  An Olympian standard was set and met in every aspect of the food, from the diversity, bio-availability, freshness (nothing frozen, ever) and the sourcing of its ingredients, to manufacturing in its own private facility at temperatures significantly lower than other kibble (which means the ingredients retain more nutrients) to its tough, air-tight and admittedly beautiful packaging.

Orijen is never on sale, and in fact it’s sometimes hard to get.  But today and maybe through the week if our multiple cases last, you can take advantage of us and our gross overstock and take 20% off two 5# bags.  Limit 5 bags.  Our normal price: $21.49.  After discount, $17.20.




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