Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Us in Heck Any Old Poll






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It’s voting time again!  And yes we are campaigning for votes.  Why?  Truly what gets our tails wagging every morning isn’t the awards, it’s the animals and animal-loving humans that we enjoy building relationships with…plus the chance to have an impact.  But they are super valuable because they help businesses like ours to get noticed.  Once customers come in the door, it’s our job to earn their return visit…the awards inspire people new to Boston, visitors, hotel concierges and so on to give us that first try.  But, we don’t take your vote for granted.  Here below is our revised Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Us…we hope you agree!


FOR US In Any Old Poll Any Year Anywhere


The foods we sell are so healthy, we’ve eaten them ourselves.  We prefer them with condiments & a cold IPA, but we’d also eat them plain.


We obsess over pet foods, and we will stop at nothing to get you what you need, especially for animals with allergies.  Where else can you get elk, crocodile, venison, bison, rabbit, ostrich & kangaroo?


We donate thousands of dollars (over $6,000 last year) to organizations you care about, like ARL of Greater Portland, ARL of Boston, Lilly’s Fund, The One Fund, Buddy Up, The Common Canine, & MSPCA.


We are pet food geeks.

And, we have startingly good taste.

We love good design & enduring style.  And, OK, maybe just a little bling.


We’re really interested when you chat with us about your pets’ BMs.  Honestly, we are!


We’ve been providing healthy cat & dog foods, gear and advice since 2000, which is over a century in dog years.


We take a firm stand in regard to bribery.  You’ll get a very generous ‘thank you’ after you vote.


  We upend business as usual.  We buy more than we need, price it lower than we have to, and spend lots and lots of time on personal service. We’ll even deliver to your door (Boston) or ferry boat (Portland) for free.


Your dog won’t let you walk within 3 blocks without pulling toward our front door.

And the #1 Reason

Our retail stores are just a cover for our secret underground mission:

Cultivate happiness through our animals, one dog and one cat at a time.  When they are happy, they spread joy that multiplies, affecting everyone they come in contact with.  We become better humans, and our communities become healthier and more connected.

About Kathy Palmer

I grew up in NJ and Belgium and eventually settled in Portland, ME. Until missing the big city, which inspired a return to Boston in 2010, and the opening of Fish & Bone on Newbury Street. Fish & Bone and its original sibling store Fetch (est. 2000) bring together some of the things I love the most: animals, real food, great design, having an impact, the natural world, urban life, creative solutions, good community, and a good laugh. Zip is all pug, but I'm a cultural mutt.