Treats: Goodness Gracious

Goodness Gracious Dog TreatsGive a handful of treats to the pet you love, and a heart full of hope to another in need…

One of our favorite dog treats has a particular place in our hearts because of their commitment to supporting local animal welfare groups.  We’re talking about Goodness Gracious, located right in Marblehead, MA.  Founder Amy Renz left the high tech world, as the story goes, when she met and was forever changed by her first dog Gracie.  Gracie was soon joined by Lula, another standard Poodle.  Along with their pal Mae (adopted from the streets of Georgia), they make up the panel of Official Taste Testers.  Amy donates 51% of all profits from the sale of her products to animal welfare groups located in the area where the treats are sold.  That’s a level of giving that far exceeds any other we’ve seen, at least in terms of its commitment as a proportion of its sales (bigger companies might donate more money in the end, but they also have much bigger resources, and it’s not likely anywhere near the percentage of profits). Any company that makes this kind of promise is truly deserves its success.

As always though, what makes a treat really fly is how dogs respond to it, and in our Boston store, Hula Lula Chicken Jerky is by far the most specifically requested local treat we’ve ever had.  As with all of Goodness Gracious treats, the ingredients are pure, USDA-approved, there are no enhancers or fillers…it’s the flavor & texture that comes from starting with whole, fresh foods & baking or drying to the perfect degree, consistently every time.

We’re proud of all of our great local vendors, and we’re pleased to tell you about them.  If you have a favorite brand or product, let us know!  We’d love to give them a shout-out.

About Kathy Palmer

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