What is it like to experience the world like your pets?

Is it possible to ‘blur the species barrier’? That’s what Being A Beast attempts to find out.  For weeks at a time, veterinarian/lawyer/naturalist Charles Foster lived as a badger, an otter, a fox…in their habitat, approximating their movements & habits (dumpster diving in London, eating earthworms…).  This is radical nature-writing, and it’s witty, deep and humble. […]


Kobi Levi designs and hand-crafts wild footwear from his studio in Jerusalem.  These heels are purrrfect, don’t you agree?

Dogs and Meat, a Medium-Rare Story

Extra, extra!  People feeding raw meat to their pets!  Read all about it! Um, we hate to break it to you, New York Times, but raw feeding is hardly news.  Way, way back, before Dog Chow, and before conglomerates found they could make money from the grain fragments leftover from manufacturing corn flakes by putting […]

Cat in An Empty Apartment

Did you, like me, love the Kieslowski 3 Colors Trilogy (Blue/White/Red)? Then maybe you already know that it was inspired by a poem, Love At First Sight, by Wislawa Szymborska ? I didn’t, which is kind of sad, given I just rewatched the trilogy last winter. But I don’t go looking for poems. I like […]