Stockings for Shelter Animals

Want to bring purrs & woofs of joy to our local shelter animals? Team up with us & together we’ll deliver 90 Christmas stockings stuffed with toys, treats & chews to our local shelter kitties & pups.  For just $5, you can donate a stuffed kitty stocking, and for $10, you can donate a stuffed stocking for […]

Did You Know: Hairballs

Everyone who lives with a cat knows what it’s like to step on a hairball…gross! It’s not fun for the cat either. But did you know that you can minimize or stop hairballs naturally with a couple of easy changes to your kitty’s diet & grooming? Hairballs are wads of fur that accumulate in your […]

Monday Meow: Pat the Cat

On Mondays we like to feature one fabulous feline.  Know a cat with star power?  Email us, we’d be purrrfectly delighted to interview your kitty! Pat, the Cat Bowl-Fillers, Litter Box Changers & Entertainment Staff:  Ed Perlmutter and Paul Dixon Born: 9/14/10 Zodiac sign: Virgo Mission in life:  Spreading feline joy and peace, being there […]

Recall: Catswell Treats, July 27 2012

Though I like the company Dogswell (maker of Catswell), we won’t carry their products in our Boston store because they are made in China.  I’ve spoken with them about it a few times, and I do trust their sincerity and integrity.  It’s not Dogswell that I don’t trust, it’s the lack of transparency in the food […]

Anxiety Relief

Ahh, July in New England.  Don’t you just love the relief and the excitement of a good thunderstorm?  Or the grand finale of that quintessentially American spectacle of the 4th of July fireworks?  Not really?  Then you’re probably the caretaker of an animal prone to anxiety.  I remember a sweet Aussie named Roo who used […]

Monday Meow: Charlie

  This is Charlie, a 1 yr old tuxedo/mix. As you can see, he likes finding comfortable places to hang out.  This sink seems just right for a summer lounging spot! Celebrity alter ego: The Big Lebowski. Favorite thing to do:  lie on the kitchen table.  And play with his brother Simon (another tuxedo). All […]

Only $50 to Adopt a Cat

If you’re thinking about adopting a cat, this is the purrrrfect time.  From June 22-24, say hello to your new kitty for only $50!  At the Animal Rescue League of Boston or MSPCA adoption centers.

Twofer Tuesday: Wellness Pure Delights Cat Treats

Did you hug your cat today? In honor of National Hug Your Cat Day, our Tuesday Twofer is on Wellness Pure Delights Cat Treats.  Buy one, get one free, all day (while supplies last)!  Kitty hugs, all around!