What’s Hot in Dog Sweaters

Wool dog sweaters are perfect for days when it’s not quite hot enough for full-on winter gear. In dog sweaters, the paws-down customer favorite is the Chilly Dog Cowichan Squirrel Sweater.  It’s beautifully designed in rich shades of cream, tan and chocolate wool, and the squirrels are of course pretty irresistible. Here on the coast of Maine & […]

Fashion Friday: Zip the Pug Sports a Bow Tie

We’re an impassioned group of animal lovers.  We take the business of choosing & providing supplies to our customers very very seriously.  So why do we carry so much dog apparel each winter?  Doesn’t that make us less serious? Actually, not at all!  First of all, some apparel is unquestionably functional, sometimes necessary.  It’s a […]

Fashion Friday: Kayla Gets a New Dog Coat

Dachshunds are low riders, which means they need good chest and belly coverage with abrasion-resistance.  And of course, they are long and narrow, which poses challenges in the fitting room.  Kayla was in recently shopping for coats (well, she was actually shopping for treats and humored us on the coats), and provided a chance to […]

Dogfriendly Neighbors: Marimekko on Newbury Street

Many of customers bring their dog to the store to pick out his/her own treats and toys and beds, and we of course love that.  I often wonder though if our customers know how dog friendly our neighborhood is.  You can actually bring your dog into most stores in Back Bay, and chances are, you’ll […]

Fun & Games Tee Shirts

Everyone who comes into our store seems to relate to the cone of shame.  You know all those embarrassing moments of childhood?  Turns out they were good for something after all!  We understand what it’s like to be humiliated!!  Wait, that’s a trick, right?  That’s just not enough payback…. Well for the dog lover in […]


Kobi Levi designs and hand-crafts wild footwear from his studio in Jerusalem.  These heels are purrrfect, don’t you agree?

Fashion Friday: Petey Struts Celtic Pride

Going into do-or-die Game 7 tomorrow, Petey shows he’s got no doubt who’s coming out on top!