Top 10 Reasons to Vote | Best Pet Supply Boston & Portland

Every spring, it’s like Oscar season in the world of reader polls.  Though it conjures up painful memories of being the last one standing in musical chairs, we go for these awards for a simple reason:  it helps us to grow by bringing in new customers, and that means we can continue to improve our […]

Tick Prevention for Dogs & Cats

We all know that ticks transmit Lyme’s Disease.  But did you know that Lyme’s is only one of several tick-borne illnesses?  Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Anaplasmosis and Ehrlichia for example are also passed via tick bites, and humans and pets can get them (cats can get Ehrlichia, and though they can test positive for Rocky Mountain Spotted […]

“My Dog (or Cat) Eats Better Than I Do”

We hear that all the time.  It’s not so far-fetched.  Especially if you feed a home-prepared or commercial raw diet, or a commercial freezed-dried or dehydrated diet, or canned supplemented with fresh vegetables. So how good is top-shelf, premium, all-natural, human grade ‘people food for pets’ anyway?  Is it as good as it looks?  And […]

Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Us

Every year, Boston A-List has a contest for Best of Boston shops, restaurants and so on.  Winners are chosen by number of votes cast.  Last year, we were super excited when we found out we won the #1 place for Best Pet Boutique! But, we know that winning last year doesn’t mean you should vote […]

Mothers Day: I’m A Good Dog, and Newborn Puppies Book Signings

We’re honored to host two celebrated authors this weekend in both stores (Portland and Boston):  Sat. 5/11 in Portland, and Sun. 5/12 in Boston.  Both signings are from 1-3 pm.  All proceeds will go to MSPCA and Lilly’s Fund (Boston) and Buddy Up Animal Society (Portland).  And we’ll have special guest Lilly the Hero Pit […]

It’s Over! Celebration in the Streets

There’s an inescapable feeling of relief, and pride, in Boston tonight. People are taking to the streets after a rollercoaster week.  Terror, grief, suspense…hard to absorb. To the families of the victims, our hearts are still on the ground. We can’t imagine your loss. To the combined law enforcement & investigative agencies, thank you for […]

Boston on Lockdown

We are closed today, Friday April 19th 2013, in cooperation with a citywide lockdown.  We are grateful for the Boston Police and the FBI, and all those involved in the manhunt.  Please check back for our reopening time and day, or go to our Facebook page for updates. Our hearts go out to the victims […]

Kindness is Powerful

We can’t forget the acts of incredible bravery and compassion at ground zero the day of the Marathon bombings.  Now days later, we’re seeing continuing acts of kindness, great and small:  donations to families of the victims, who are going to need all of our support; neighbors opening up their homes to those displaced; businesses […]