Dogfriendly Neighbors: Marimekko on Newbury Street

Many of customers bring their dog to the store to pick out his/her own treats and toys and beds, and we of course love that.  I often wonder though if our customers know how dog friendly our neighborhood is.  You can actually bring your dog into most stores in Back Bay, and chances are, you’ll […]

Wednesday Woof: Super Newman!

Newman trots about Back Bay on his days off, enjoying the normal life of an English Bull Terrier.  But when duty (as opposed to doody) calls, Newman dons his cape and flies about Boston engaging in super doggy heroics like retrieving wayward pups and finding lost tennis balls. Favorite toy:   any kind of ball Favorite […]

Acana Enhances Regional Line of Pet Foods

Champion just announced that they’ve enhanced the Acana line of regional (regional to Alberta, CA) dog foods. From their press release, seems like the enhancements are about making the foods slightly lower on the glycemic scale, and higher in protein and palatability (though that’s not been a problem as far as we’ve seen).  Summary of […]