What Zip Thinks About Dressing Up

I’m a serious dog. In a previous life, I believe I probably was a cowboy, quietly squinting at very distant but important elements in my landscape, like fire hydrants and construction cones, as I wrangled herds of bacon and took naps under peanut butter bushes.  I like a little space around me…definitely not a lap […]

Fashion Friday: Petey Struts Celtic Pride

Going into do-or-die Game 7 tomorrow, Petey shows he’s got no doubt who’s coming out on top!

Where in the World is Zip? #1

Zip put on his new shirt, grabbed a Companion Air flight and squeezed himself between two Corgis to wish one special dog lover a happy Diamond Jubilee.  Can you tell us Where in the World is Zip? The first person to email us with the right answer gets a bag of Bocce’s Bakery Fish & Chips Dog […]