Dogs and Meat, a Medium-Rare Story

Extra, extra!  People feeding raw meat to their pets!  Read all about it!

Um, we hate to break it to you, New York Times, but raw feeding is hardly news.  Way, way back, before Dog Chow, and before conglomerates found they could make money from the grain fragments leftover from manufacturing corn flakes by putting it into dog food, dogs ate meat.

Though this article is brief, it touches on the heart of the conflict between raw believers and those against raw.  Believers usually have a ‘before raw’ and ‘after raw’ story, and it’s first hand, and undeniably real.  Chloe the pug, according to her owner, was saved by a raw elk meat diet.  Non-believers almost always argue against raw based on theory, e.g. as mentioned in the article, what could happen if the raw meat weren’t handled or balanced properly.  This isn’t a rare story in my world (I’d call it medium-rare) but it is rare for mainstream press, or any press for that matter (very rare…still mooing even).  So thank you New York Times, and please cover raw feeding in depth.  It would make a great magazine piece don’t you think?

On the topic of meat and dogs, here’s a real treat for you, a short animation called ‘The Dog and the Butcher’.  I loved it.

The Dog and the Butcher by Jonathan Holt from Jonathan Holt on Vimeo.


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