Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Us in Best of Boston Reader’s Poll

Best of Boston Readers Poll 2014

Our 2014 TOP TEN REASONS TO VOTE FOR US #10 The foods we sell are so healthy, we’ve eaten them ourselves.  We prefer them with condiments & a cold IPA, but we’d also eat them plain. #9 We obsess over pet foods, and we will stop at nothing to get you what you need, especially [...]

Nelson Mandela


In memory of Nelson Mandela.  May we have moments of the courage, conviction, vision, compassion, commitment to justice that he held onto tightly for 95 years. Listen to this speech, given on April 20, 1964 during his trial just prior to his 27 year imprisonment.    

TODAY! Christmas Photos to Benefit The Common Canine 2013

Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 11.35.41 AM

Some time slots are still available between 3:30 and 6 pm TODAY.  Call to reserve (857.753.4176).  Walk-ins accepted on first-come, first-serve basis. Looking for a great way to deck the halls with your favorite companion?  No we’re not talking about the tufts of dog hair decorating your baseboards! It’s time for our annual Holiday Photo [...]

What Zip Thinks About Dressing Up

Zip the Pug in Devil outfit

I’m a serious dog. In a previous life, I believe I probably was a cowboy, quietly squinting at very distant but important elements in my landscape, like fire hydrants and construction cones, as I wrangled herds of bacon and took naps under peanut butter bushes.  I like a little space around me…definitely not a lap [...]

“My Dog (or Cat) Eats Better Than I Do”

Screen shot 2013-08-03 at 4.11.47 PM

We hear that all the time.  It’s not so far-fetched.  Especially if you feed a home-prepared or commercial raw diet, or a commercial freezed-dried or dehydrated diet, or canned supplemented with fresh vegetables. So how good is top-shelf, premium, all-natural, human grade ‘people food for pets’ anyway?  Is it as good as it looks?  And [...]

Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Us

Very Cool Looking Vote for Us Button

Every year, Boston A-List has a contest for Best of Boston shops, restaurants and so on.  Winners are chosen by number of votes cast.  Last year, we were super excited when we found out we won the #1 place for Best Pet Boutique! But, we know that winning last year doesn’t mean you should vote [...]

Mothers Day: I’m A Good Dog, and Newborn Puppies Book Signings

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We’re honored to host two celebrated authors this weekend in both stores (Portland and Boston):  Sat. 5/11 in Portland, and Sun. 5/12 in Boston.  Both signings are from 1-3 pm.  All proceeds will go to MSPCA and Lilly’s Fund (Boston) and Buddy Up Animal Society (Portland).  And we’ll have special guest Lilly the Hero Pit [...]

Best New Reason (as if you needed another) to go to Yappier Hours at Liberty Hotel


If you live in Boston with your best pal & haven’t experienced ‘YH’ (Yappier Hour) at the Liberty Hotel, well we’ve just come up with the best new reason to get down there.  Starting this week, we’ll be there every Wednesday as the Liberty’s official YH partner.  Which means we get to supply the num-nums [...]