Wednesday Woof: Super Newman!

Newman trots about Back Bay on his days off, enjoying the normal life of an English Bull Terrier.  But when duty (as opposed to doody) calls, Newman dons his cape and flies about Boston engaging in super doggy heroics like retrieving wayward pups and finding lost tennis balls. Favorite toy:   any kind of ball Favorite […]

Wednesday Woof: Harley

Harley came in to get a new outfit but she was much more interested in lying down in the fake grass to munch her duck’s foot.  And she peed on the grass on the way out, just to be sure no one else would be taking her turf till she gets back.  Welcome to the […]

Wednesday Woof: Macy

This is Macy.  She came shopping with her mom recently and we can’t wait for a return visit.  Can you figure out which 2 breeds she’s a mix of?  

The Wednesday Woof!

This is Porter, your Wednesday Woof for the week!  We were mesmerized by his eyes and his beautiful nose.  Don’t worry Porter, though that jar looks a little empty, we’ve got an endless supply of treats!  Come visit us again soon!